Marshmallow candy is a nutritious snack

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Marshmallow candy is sweetness, cool aroma mingled with the soft and elastic. It is commonly used for snacking, decorating cakes or drinks dispensing.

Marshmallow is a kind of spongy candy. It’s similar with marshmallow made from sugar, water, corn syrup, gelatin, vanilla and sometimes has also the color (safety). In some other formulas, marshmallow combines with eggs to create a separate taste. Many people often use this candy for snacks, bring outings or mixing drinks.

Marshmallow candy

Marshmallow candy is a nutritious snack

Recently Marshmallow is a modern version of drug candies made from Althaea Officinalis plants, also known as marshmallow plant. The first Marshmallow made from plants, is used as a kind of sweets like honey to treat sore throat.

From the time of ancient Egypt, the marshmallow manufacturing formula was mostly extracted from marshmallow plant sap, mixed with honey and nuts. Another recipe in modern times is used marshmallow trunk core. The trunk is peeled, and the core is boiled in sugar syrup and to dry to soft chewy candies.

Marshmallow 100% natural is white

Early 19th century, who made candy in France renewed production method the candies when mixing stems for a longer in order to candy was more sweet and chewy. Marshmallow became famous but mostly manually production.

By the late 19th century, candy is more advanced processing. The French manufacturer has created a way to use egg whites, gelatin (coagulant) and corn starch made candy chewier. This invention allowed marshmallows are manufactured in a fully automated way instead of craft and gave us the familiar shape of recent marshmallow.

Currently, marshmallow manufactured in more modern lines and formula is also slightly different. Water, sugar and corn syrup are cooked in temperature and exact time. Then, this mixture is cooled, add gelatin to freeze and continue to be cooled further. After that it is squeezed to keep the shape of candy. Lastly, corn starch is coated on top.

Many people consider marshmallow which is a snack are included in the daily list of favorites by cool sweet and calories are relatively low (300 kcal / 100g), not fattening. Marshmallow taste is also very diverse and suitable with many different customers.

Marshmallow 100% natural is white with main ingredients including sugarcane and gelatin and has health benefits. Gelatin is derived from collagen, commonly used in beauty technology and cosmetics. Amino acid likes Hydroxyproline acid, glycine, aspartic. And glutamic acid in gelatin effect positive on the body by improving the metabolism, helping to accelerate the development of skin and bones. Besides, sugarcane contains small amounts of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron provide nutrients for the body.

For natural marshmallow no additives, some people also created many interesting eating. They skewered marshmallow on fire, after grilling, the outer coating flow and harden like caramel, inside is melt. Another ones process marshmallow by clamping a piece of chocolate with marshmallow candy grilled by two pieces of wafer then squeeze them together for sticky, similar to chocopie way. To explore ways made from marshmallow candy you will have more interesting feelings about this strange snack.


Popular cakes are often made by clamping a piece of chocolate with marshmallow candy grilled melting two pieces of wafers, then squeeze them together to the adhesive, the way is same with chocopie.

Marshmallow candy is increasingly popular, appearing in many of the snacks and drinks. Although there is carbohydrate sugar but this is kind of simple carbohydrate, contain a low-calorie can be used for people who want to lose weight. Because ingredients are entirely from nature, especially the natural white, marshmallow is very safe for health.

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