Notes when processing vegetables

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Processing vegetables properly not only helps dish get tastier but also retained many good nutrients for the body. Fresh vegetables are good sources of fiber, vitamins and other nutrients. To ensure nutrition and health for daily activities, your body needs to add about 500g of vegetables.

However, during processing, if not pay attention you will lose significant amounts of nutrients in vegetables and your efforts will be meaningless. Vegetables are high in vitamin C, A and minerals such as iron and calcium. Especially phytonutrient, an antioxidant that may help prevent UV ray and parasites.

Notes when Processing vegetables properly

Notes when processing vegetables properly. (Photo:

For the preservation of vegetables and fruits, you should not store them too long in the refrigerator because this will reduce the amount of vitamin. Also, avoid storing fruit and vegetables at the same time as ripe fruit will produce ethylene may damage the vegetables around.

When processing vegetables should note the following issues:

  • Washing vegetables before cutting: Cutting vegetables before washing will lose plentiful vitamins in vegetables due to vitamins in vegetable are primarily liquid form which easy to dissolve. Therefore, you should wash vegetables before cutting. Besides, you should also soak the vegetables with salt and wash the vegetables under the tap to remove the parasites clinging to the vegetables.
  • For boiled vegetables: Some people often cut off leaves, just eat the stem. It will lose a significant amount of vitamins in vegetables leaves. Moreover, do not cut into small parts that cut into big parts or keep intact (just remove the unnecessary parts) would restrict the loss of vitamin C. Adding salt to protect Vitamin C when boiled vegetables. Using boiled vegetables for about 1 hour after processing (best to eat right) and should not be reheated many times. Do not let the vegetables exposed to air during cooking as this will degrade the vitamin C.
  • Do not overcook vegetables especially spinach because this will lose high amounts of vitamins and antioxidants. When this vegetable is boiled for about 10 minutes will lose three quarters of nutrients because they were soluble in water. So maybe cooked spinach by steaming or sauteing…
  • In doing salad should mix vegetables with traditional sauces instead of low-fat sauce for dieters. The traditional sauce prepared with olive oil, very good for the absorption of nutrients for the body compared to the sauces are prepared.
  • When sautéed vegetables should use big fire to the nutrients in vegetables are not lost, help vegetables tastier as well as help save time.
  • For tubers like carrots, should be cooked before cut into shreds, this will limit the nutrients are lost. Furthermore, eating vegetables cooked better eating raw because cooking process will break the cells in vegetables, help the stomach digests easier.
  • Do not trim off fruit peel before eating because it will lose most of the nutrients and vitamins in the fruit peel. To ensure safety, the fruit can be soaked in salt water or with antibacterial solution only used for washing fruits. Peel thin or even can eat up the peel. Also, limit to make juices due to the loss of fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  • Once fruit be cut, should eat right, do not trim then stored as nutrients such as Vitamin C, folate … may be lost due to under the effect of temperature, light and air.

Although vegetables is good for health but you also have to ensure a balance between vegetables and other foods such as eggs, fish, meat, milk … People only eat vegetables without eating other foods are not good for health. The preservation and processing vegetables properly will give many delicious meals and improve nutrition for the body.

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