Sensitive Digestive System and The Child Development

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Sensitive digestive system is closely related to the child development, especially physical, mental. Therefore, you need to take special care of children’s digestive system.

Two twin babies are the same weight after birth, but after quite some time, one is tall, healthy, another one is thin. The reason is the baby who is poor development usually vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, bloating … This could be a sign of sensitive digestive system of infants.

Sensitive digestive system and the child development

Sensitive digestive system and the child development

Effects of sensitive digestive system

Digestion is an issue should be of primary concern. It not only directly related to the absorption of nutrients, but also affects the development of physical and brain. Children can absorb all the nutrients for their growth; the body must have enough enzymes for digestion of protein and Lactose in milk and food.

For children, in the early years, the amount of digestive enzymes is low. The enzymes help digest protein by 25% and lactase enzyme to help digest lactose is by 70%.

Infants require very high nutritional requirements to meet the rapid growth. However, due to the low amount of digestive enzymes, when breastfeeding, a lot of milk and lactose protein necessary for the development not fully digest should be relegated to the large intestine, where containing many alive bacteria. Activities of these bacteria cause vomiting, bloating, constipation, diarrhea …

This digestive disorders cause anorexia, irritability, crying and limited ability to absorb important nutrients such as DHA, ARA in children… that affect brain development and physical. Children cannot achieve appropriate weight for their age, developmental delay of physical activities such as flipping, crawling, standing and walking compared to normal standards of children development.

Should add beneficial bacteria for sensitive digestive system of children?

When babies are experiencing digestive problems, you usually think of adding beneficial bacteria to the digestive system work well. However, according to experts, nutritional solutions to help children with sensitive digestive system for brain and physical development is not beneficial bacteria supplement. That is choice of formula milk which is full of essential nutrients for development, but ensuring easy to digest and absorb.

Breast milk is nutritious food and most easily absorbed. If for any reason you are unable to breastfeed, you can replace them with formula milk but should have the following features:

Products specifically for children with sensitive digestive system

This type has Lactose suitable for children with sensitive digestive system. Besides, the protein in milk is partially hydrolysed type, this means protein has been chopped to children easily digested and absorbed.

The logical supplement of contents of DHA (17mg / 100kcal) and ARA (34mg / 100kcal)
This helps brain development, reduce the incidence of respiratory infections and common allergies such as asthma, atopic dermatitis …

Provides full and balanced nutritional components

This milk will help children develop physically, height and enhance resistance.

Comprehensive development solutions for children with sensitive digestive system

Enfagrow A + Gentle Care products include nutritional products with formula, protein and lactose percentage suitably. In particular, products containing partially hydrolysed protein, protein are chopped, helping them easy to digest, with contents of lactose were barely removed to help the body of child absorbs effectively. These products are made in Netherlands.

For more information about dairy products, should be in consultation of doctors and dietitians.

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