Simple Tips for a Reasonable Diet

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To have a reasonable diet, before eating, you should drink a glass of water, choose a plate which is contrasting color with food … will help you eat less.

For those who want to lose weight, burning calories is really necessary. However, this is not something that you would force yourself to starve. There are many ways to help you reduce the diet, consuming less kcal and fat in a reasonable diet.

A reasonable diet without feeling hungry

Drink water before eating

On the advice of many, you should drink a glass of water before each meal. This will help your stomach work better while digesting food. Also, this is a natural way to help you do not overeat. Feeling hungry will drop somewhat as you drink water before.

Eat appetizers if any

Before starting the main meals, you should eat a small cup of soup. This will help reduce the total amount of kilocalories that the body has absorbed.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

A reasonable diet without feeling hungry

A reasonable diet without feeling hungry

Fruits and vegetables are the foods that are good for weight loss because they contain more fiber. Eating more fruits and vegetables is an easy way to help you reduce the amount of kilocalories consumed without feeling hungry. For example, you can eat sandwich with spinach, or add vegetables to pasta dishes. When you want to eat with the meat, simply scaling meat less than vegetables is good for health

Use small plates and when eating

One study showed that people who use big bowls and plates in meals tend to eat more than 31% even they themselves do not know. Meanwhile, the use of a big spoon makes you eat more than 15%. So, if you want to eat less without feeling hungry, you should use small cups and plates for food presentation.

Use bowls and plates to store food instead of paper boxes

Many people like to eat potato chips in a big paper bag. You really will not know how much you eat and will eat a lot. This is not a good way to control your diet. The best thing is that you split up the small bag or on plates, bowls.

Choose food dishes with contrasting colors with food

Studies have shown that, when dinner, you select the types of plate have contrasting colors with food if you want to eat less. For these foods healthy as a salad, if you want to eat more, you can choose a big plate or bowl with blue color.

Create a space makes you eat slower

Good choice for you to enjoy a meal in a relaxed manner is light and music. This will help maintain the interest and reduce portions. Remember to chew slowly, eat small pieces and sip water to digest food better.

Selection of suitable and fit clothes

You should not wear tight clothes when eating, choose a suit that fits the body. This can be regarded as a tool to help you know that you have eaten full or not. You should not continue to eat when your clothes have a little stretch.

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