The dangers of drinking lemon juice to lose weight

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Drinking lemon juice to lose weight is being many women implemented. But does anyone succeed with this approach and how to apply for work?

Be shocked for drinking lemon juice to lose weight.

A woman thought that lemon juice is good for health, especially for losing weight so she tried to apply. She did not eat, just drink lots of lemonade daily but after a few days, she was hospitalized for excruciating stomach ache. Doctors concluded she was quite severe stomach ulcer.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice. (Photo: freedigitalphotos)

Drinking lemonade to lose weight should have the advices of doctors.

The medical experts of research and training centers for community development showed that drinking lemon juice to lose weight need to be careful. When applying a method to lose weight is to learn the method carefully, knowing yourself body whether it is suitable for the method and applied or not. For safety, it is necessary to consult of doctors.

According to several studies, the lemon has many health benefits. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, can affect the speed of burning fat and excess calories in the body. Besides, lemon contains citric acid help to control sugar contents in blood and prevent of decreasing sugar levels in blood suddenly lead to feeling no appetite. This may be another way that drinking lemon water can help you lose weight.

Fresh lemonade

Drinking lemonade to lose weight should have the advice of doctors. (Photo: freedigitalphotos)

However, according to health experts, extremely hazardous when many people just drink lemon juice to lose weight, purify the body without eating anything. In nutrition principle, the body need be provided foods adequately such as fiber, fat, protein and vitamins. The serious shortage regardless any components will make the body out of balance, impaired health and disease let alone the shortage of all of four by just drink lemonade sugar, lemon salt water in a long time.

Lemon juice does not provide energy for the body to run, maintain the life that it just provides some vitamin C, minerals, and sugar. Abuse of drinking lemon juice too much can lead to excess vitamin C or make sugar contents into the body increase affects the organs inside the body, increasing the risk of gastric disease, kidney stone, liver… The more hazardous than when drinking lemon juice too concentrated will affect the stomach. The better you drink lemon juice after the meal.

Who should not drink lemon juice to lose weight?

Nutrition experts recommend that, when using fresh lemon to lose weight will still need to eat, avoid eating too much fat food and drinks contain calories. To avoid direct drinking lemon juice diluted with water and drink when you are hungry will be very harmful to the stomach because of the acidic in lemon. You should mix with warm water under the rate of 1 lemon with 1 liter of warm water and drink with the main meals. The best thing you should drink after eating about 30 minutes, drinking 2 liters of lemon water per day instead of water to lose weight effectively.

You should use lemon salt water instead of sugar because sugar provides calories. Lemon salt water can be mixed in proportion: a lemon, 300ml cold water and 1/3 teaspoon of salt. When drink you should add boiled water for warmth.

Drinking lemon juice to lose weight not everyone can also work. Lemon juice should not take much for people suffering from heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux by the acid in the lemon will exacerbate these symptoms.

In particular, some people should not apply to drink lemon juice to lose weight or fasting completely such as low blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and people with diabetes, stomach, colon, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers… Fasting for weight loss is not reasonable, long days will cause malnutrition. Maybe the first this method will help quickly weight loss but eat too much and when fasting will gaining weight back.

Safe weight loss and science methods current recommended are a reasonable diet. You should adopt the diet “rich in nutrients but energy poor”. Strengthening vegetables, fruits and restrict fast food, sweet, animal fats, alcohol and other stimulants. Whether applying any weight loss methods would need attention workout to burn the excess fat in the body faster and safer.

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