The notes from eating mushrooms

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Mushrooms are very nutritious food and good for health; eating mushrooms should choose one that has a clear origin. But if you have doubts about its origin, it absolutely should not eat.

Mushrooms are grown in many places in the world and developed in many different forms of living environment in the wild nature. Nowadays, people have a safe method of growing mushrooms in the home, garden … provide more nutritious meals and improving incomes for the farmers.

Eating mushrooms is good for health

Eating mushrooms is good for health

According to research by the experts, there are two main kinds of mushrooms, edible and non-food categories are. These inedible mushrooms often called poisonous mushrooms. If you accidentally ate, could lead to death immediately. Some mushrooms ingested can cause many diseases of liver, digestive, kidney… Eating these mushrooms for a long time can cause death if not treated promptly. Eating mushrooms also has to be careful, distinguishing poisonous mushrooms and non-poisonous is quite difficult; do not eat mushrooms if unidentified.

The notes and mushrooms should not be eaten

  • The mushrooms when cutting that appear a milky substance should not be eaten.
  • The wild mushrooms should not be eaten because it is difficult to distinguish. Also, the mushrooms have colorful and scented which are usually poisonous mushrooms and should not eat.
  • The wild mushrooms often have substance chemical reaction with the components of wine, easy to be poisoned, so should not eat them while drinking wine.
  • When cooked mushrooms together may have a chemical reaction causing food poisoning, do not eat many different mushrooms at the same time as well as prevent poisonous mushrooms.
  • The mushrooms of unknown origin should not be eaten because they can be confused with poisonous mushrooms.

Eating mushrooms is good for health and the edible mushrooms

Wood ear mushroom (auricularia auricula): Also known as the black wood ear. Wood ear is food provides many nutrients and medicinal herbs are more preferred. Wood ear contains water, proteins, lipids, minerals, calcium … and other substances such as vitamins B1, B2, B5, iron … especially high levels carbohydrates. Wood ear provides about 306Kcal (content / 100g).

Wood ear mushrooms

Wood ear mushrooms

Eating wood ear helps boost the body’s immunity; reduce blood agglutination to reduce atherosclerosis, blood pressure, anti-cancer … is medicinal herbs to treat heart disease.

In addition, wood ear can also help decrease of cholesterol in the blood, and help control your weight; it’s good for people who are overweight and obese.

Straw mushroom (volvariella volvacea): Grown and developed in all kinds of straw. Straw mushroom contains more Vitamin A, B1, B2, PP, D, E, C and 7 amino acids with high amount of proteins, fats, sugars, calcium … In particular, vitamin C in straw mushroom is higher 6 times compared to contents in citrus fruits. Eating straw mushrooms regularly will improve resistance.

Straw mushrooms

Straw mushrooms

The protit in straw mushroom helps prevent the growth of cancer cells. Also, thanks to the nutritional components in straw mushroom should be used to support the treatment of diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, obesity … Straw mushrooms are soft, smooth, easy to eat, fresh taste.

Enoki mushroom: This is a type of mushroom contains high levels of protein and fiber. Enoki mushroom are not only tasty but fiber in mushrooms also may help the stomach and intestines work stable. Eating enoki mushroom helps prevent constipation and obesity.

Enoki mushrooms

Enoki mushrooms

In addition, potassium and zinc in enoki mushroom are very useful for the elderly and patients with hypertension. This mushroom also contains a substance has anti-cancer effect.

Shiitake mushroom: The mushroom contains adenine, a special aroma substance. The foods are often cooked with shiitake mushrooms tasted delicious. Shiitake mushrooms contain high levels of nutrients such as protein, iron, Vintamin B, Egosterol can convert into Vitamin D and 9 amino acids.

Shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms (photo:

Eating shiitake mushroom helps prevent anemia, osteoporosis and hypertension. In addition, high levels of sugar in shiitake help improve your immune ability of the body; RNA can interfere with the growth of cancer cells and viruses.

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