The unexpected health benefits of honey

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Honey is considered as a natural food brings many benefits to humans. The unexpected health benefits of honey has been proven and widely used worldwide.

Honey is a 100% natural product, made from the hive through the pollen “synthetic” process. Honey has been used since ancient times; therefore people have known the health benefits of honey and used it to protect human health. Today, the exploitation of natural honey have become popular. However, due to the demand of using honey is too high so people have devised forms to collect honey from beekeepers.

8 unexpected health benefits of honey

8 unexpected health benefits of honey

Honey contains about 80% of sugar, 20% rest include other nutrients such as Vitamin C, B, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium … and a lot of different enzyme and beneficial bacteria. Sugar level in honey is mainly fructose – sugar in fruit and a little glucose. The natural food has special effects in antibacterial and antiseptic, helps to heal wounds effectively.

The health benefits of honey

To increase energy and reduce fatigue of the muscles

Due to the natural sugar found in honey, it provides an abundant source of calories for the body to help the body fight fatigue and solve the energy shortage problem for the functioning of the body. Because of this, honey is capable to increase the energy for the body immediately.

When you crave sweets, honey will help you satisfy this. Moreover, the honey will not make you gain weight; you can eat comfortably, kind of natural honey. However, you should not eat too much honey as overeating one type of food is not conducive to health.

Also, due to the great combination between fructose and glucose, honey also helps reduce muscle fatigue, as well as increasing endurance and exercise performance of the athletes. Glucose is absorbed instantly and quickly provides energy for the body. Meanwhile, the fructose helps maintain energy for the body due to be absorbed more slowly.

When athletes get tired from practicing, playing that the honey can help them solve problems, improve their performance. This is one of the typical health benefits of honey.

To enhance health and treat some diseases

Many studies have shown that honey has powerful antibacterial properties, which helps kill the bacteria that cause infection. Therefore, honey is used to treat cough effectively.

You can use a little lemon juice mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey, drink this mixture daily to stop the cough. You should use buckwheat honey to treat cough because it is more effective than other types of honey.

Although honey is sweet, people with diabetes can also use honey. Honey can regulate blood sugar for the honey is consumed, it does not make blood sugar increasing suddenly.

The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in honey bring high benefit. People with type 1 diabetes can use 1 teaspoon of honey every day.
The enzyme in honey has the ability to produce small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, to help treat gastritis. In addition, honey is effective against bacteria, helps improve digestion.

Treatment of wounds and burns

Honey has antiseptic capability wounds, relieve pain and help wounds healing quickly thanks to the antibacterial and antiseptic. When you are injured, you should clean the wound, apply a layer of honey onto the wound and use a piece of gauze to the fix it. People who are allergic to topical antibiotics can use honey instead.

Antibacterial ability of honey helps prevent the growth of bacteria and prevent infection. When you have slight burned, just dab honey on the burn several times will reduce the itching and burning. These are considered beautifying effects of honey.

Weight loss and insomnia prevention

Vitamins, amino acids and minerals in honey can stimulate metabolism, reduce fat and cholesterol. This helps to prevent obesity. When waking up, drink a glass of warm water mixed with a little honey and lemon juice will help clean the liver, and remove toxins from the body. This is the simplest way to lose weight.

Honey is a good solution for the treatment of insomnia. Because honey can control the release of insulin, which allows tryptophan – a compound that can cause us to fall asleep, penetrate the brain easily.

You just drink a glass of warm milk with honey before bed to sleep.

Above are some health benefits of honey for your reference. Honey is really nutrients-rich foods, and good for the body. You can refer to the beauty benefits of honey on skin.

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