The unexpected health benefits of papaya

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Papaya is not only nutritious food, but also has many positive effects on health. Many people also do not know the unexpected health benefits of papaya.

Nutrient composition of papaya

Papaya contains many nutrients essential for the body consists of 70% of water, 13% of sugar, vitamins A, B, carotenoids, organic acids, 0.9% of fat, calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, protit , cellulose (0.5%), no starch … There are about 2100mg of beta carotene and 80g of Vitamin C per 100g of papaya.

The unexpected health benefits of papaya

The unexpected health benefits of papaya

In particular, the amount of beta carotene in papaya is more than the other vegetables. Beta carotene is absorbed into the body will convert to vitamin A. This is a nutrient with antioxidant effect, preventing some cancer diseases effectively. Also, it also has anti-dry skin, dry eyes and laxative effects.

The body should be not absorbed too much beta carotene. So, you should not eat too much papaya and continuously will cause symptoms of jaundice. This phenomenon will be lost if you reduce the amount of beta carotene is absorbed into the body.

In some countries, people have extracted Vitamin A from papaya to produce drugs to prevent night blindness in children. Enough was enough vitamin B1, B2, and fermenting acid and many other minerals. Eating papaya properly will have blood complement effect that helps restore the liver in people who get malaria.

The unexpected health benefits of papaya

Weight loss

Papaya works effectively in weight loss. Papaya contains only about 32 kcal per 100g. Eating papaya helps limit foods high in calories and appetite. So, if you want to lose weight, you can eat papaya before meals and decrease other foods in the main meal.

Cardiovascular health enhancement

Many studies have shown that papaya is effective in the prevention of heart disease due to the antioxidants in this fruit. These substances will prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, which is created and bind to blood vessels clogging arteries.

Moreover, paraoxonase compounds created by the combination of Vitamin C and E in papayas will inhibit the generation of bad cholesterol. Also, the fiber in papaya works to reduce fat in the blood; folic acid is capable of homocysteine ​​metabolism to necessary amino acids. Accordingly, papaya has been shown to enhance cardiovascular health very effective.

Additional nutrients to the eye

Papaya is one of the fruits contain a lot of vitamin A. Therefore, it will help the eyes be bright and healthy more. So, papaya is a very good support for us in these days of intense studying, people who get myopia, astigmatism and prevent blurred vision for the elderly.

Strengthening resistance and prevention of some diseases

Papain and chymopapain in papaya are two important types of compounds known as enzymes. They were used for protein digestion, aid in healing wounds and reducing inflammation.

In addition, Vitamin A, C, E and beta carotene in papaya help the immune system works effectively. Accordingly, papaya helps strengthen resistance, prevent certain diseases such as pharyngitis, flu … Especially Vitamin C in papaya has effect of rheumatoid arthritis prevention (polyarthiritis).

Besides, people addicted to smoking or living in an environment with smoke (passive smoking) should supplement foods rich in vitamin A, including papaya.

In the US, it has been demonstrated that papaya can be processed into drugs to treat bone dislocation or drugs for injection, will be used to reduce the pain caused by nerves.

Gastrointestinal function improvement

Papaya is sweet, very good for the digestive system. Papain, an enzyme found in papaya by the scientists have a protective effect on the digestive system. Also, the fiber in papaya works headless isolated toxins in the colon, protect healthy intestinal cells.

Moreover, the nutrients like vitamin C, E, beta carotene, folate … in papaya likely prevent colon cancer, helps the digestive system stay healthy.

Cancer prevention

Leaves of papaya are capable to prevent cancer which has been studied by a number of scientists in clinical laboratories under Cancer Center, University of Florida and the University of Tokyo, Japan. The scientists also found that the active ingredients extracted of papaya leaf can boost the production of Th1 lymphocytes – cells play a key role in the human immune system.

Results of their study published in early 2010 showed that liquid extracted of papaya leaf capable of inhibiting the growth of cancer 10 cell types which tested.

In addition to health benefits of papaya as above, papaya also has other beneficial effects will be discussed in the next article. You can monitor the site regularly, to update the information useful to yourself as well as share information to everyone.

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