The unknown effects of aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera is considered a specie of plant which has many amazing uses. Aloe Vera is not only cooling and skin beauty effects but also controlling effect and prevention of many diseases.

Aloe tree was discovered in year 3 BC, an invaluable source of medicinal herbs have been used in Eastern medicine and Western medicine. According to studies, aloe vera is bitter, cool with effect of relieve heat in the body, detoxification, hemostatic, and laxative … In addition to uses in medicine, aloe is also used for skin and beauty care of women.

The unknown effects of aloe Vera

The unknown effects of aloe Vera

There are many necessary nutrients for the body in leaf of aloe include organic substances such as cellulose, polysaccharide; Vitamin B1, B2, B6, and folic acid; minerals such as calcium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and copper …; the enzymes stimulate digestion and other essential amino acids.

Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory and allergy effects due to containing glycoprotein, help heal wounds. Besides, aloe also helps strengthen detoxification for the body by boosting the metabolism in the liver, kidneys; eliminates toxic in cells. When using aloe , users may be mild diarrhea, which helps eliminate harmful bacteria in the intestines out.

Some unexpected effects of aloe Vera

Antibacterial: Scientists have proved gel of aloe Vera anesthetic and antibacterial effects. Besides, aloe vera can help antiseptic, cooling as minor burns or insect bites.

Relieve internal heat: Aloe Vera is used to detoxify for the body by eating foods as fast food. Also, many men use of aloe vera gel combined with the cream to reduce the feeling of irritation after shaving.

Besides, for men, aloe can work effectively in cooling refreshments after every time drinking or after working stress, tired.

Skin beauty: Aloe is used as a cosmetic to beautify the skin for women. In addition, the gel can cleanse the epidermal cells on the skin, antifungal, helps cell regeneration, remove old cells and help regenerate new tissue. Because the gel is capable of creating moisture reduces wrinkles on the skin as well as skin elasticity. Besides, the aloe juice is also effective as desired.

Acne treatment: Aloe has the ability to kill acne and dead cells, shrinking the pores and give your skin a toned.

Better digestion: Aloe contains a variety of enzymes, emodin and aloin group stimulate digestion and laxative, prevention of enteritis and constipation. So, aloe has a laxative effect.

Dryness of the eye treatment: Aloe Vera works to prevent dryness of the eye for contact for several hours with the sun and work on high intensity computer. Simply, take part of the aloe pulp cover your eyes for a few minutes.

Anti-obesity: Due to the enhanced metabolism, help energy consumption, burning fat and carbohydrates, aloe has special effects in weight loss. When the fluid of aloe absorbed into the body will help aid digestion because they work as an antidote, boost nutrient absorption. When your body is provided complete essential nutrients will inhibit appetite, limiting fat intake, prevent fat accumulation. However, when the body is not detoxified your body to lose excess fluids and can cause flatulence.

Treatment of gastric ulcers: Drinking a tablespoon of fresh gel of aloe leaves every few hours when not eat any food that will be effective in healing gastric ulcers (not more than 400 mg gel /day).

Those are other great effects of aloe vera for us health. Using aloe vera properly will improve your health.

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