Vegetables Are Indispensable Foods in A Diet

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Vegetables are one of the foods high in nutrients. So, why are vegetables indispensable foods in a diet?

Eating less fruits and vegetables is considered to be the cause of 1.7 million deaths in the world and 19% of gastrointestinal cancers.

Why are vegetables indispensable foods in a diet?

Fruits and vegetables are one of the four indispensable foods groups to have a reasonable meal at home. The value of fruits and vegetables is to give the body the nutrients have high biological activity, especially vitamin C, minerals and trace minerals. In addition, fruits and vegetables contain organic acids, cellulose, antioxidants so they work health promotion and prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases.

Vegetables are indispensable foods in a diet

Vegetables are indispensable foods in a diet.

More than 80% of the available source of vitamin A and almost 100% of vitamin C from fruits and vegetables offered. Research shows that vegetables such as shrinkage vegetables, jute vegetable and spinach are the kinds of high nutritional value, uniformity of content of carotene, vitamin C, iron, high in mineral salts; trace minerals, high protein 3-5 times of other vegetables. Spinach with average nutritional value, less than shrinkage vegetables, jute vegetable is more preferred, used regularly, year-round in large numbers.

The smell herbs, perilla, basil and fennel … have high carotene content and more uniformity than other vegetables and fruits, the highest of perilla, basil, yellow peppers, and high in Iron. Herbs are used fresh is not lost nutrients through cooking, so the use value of vitamin is very high. Besides, these herbs also supply plant antibiotics are very valuable as onions, garlic, radishes, carrots, tomatoes, pumpkins, peppers …

Ripe yellow, red and orange fruits as papaya, persimmon, watermelon, orange, tangerine have high carotene content and high in iron. Especially fresh Gac membranes have high carotene content. This is a rare fruit has the ability to prevent vitamin A deficiency disease, antioxidants and cancer.

Vegetables are good sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber to help excrete toxins and cholesterol from the body and prevent constipation. Some herbs also have therapeutic effects thanks to the essential oils and botanical antibiotic. Levels of the vitamins and fiber in vegetables are higher than fruits.

Currently, in the family meals, fruits vegetables have become indispensable foods. Some people worry that vegetables does not guarantee food safety and can reduce the amount of vegetables or do not eat vegetables, but fruits are certainly and they are considered as food instead. But the fruit used to completely replace the vegetables are not suitable for nutrition science.

The fiber in vegetables has a smooth structure, higher contents in fruits helps the body to absorb the nutrients available in three basic food groups (groups of protein, sugar, fat). If you only eat animal proteins, absorbing performance of protein in the gastrointestinal tract is only 70%. If you eat more vegetables, the performance will reach 90%.

Vegetables have extremely important values for the health and longevity because fiber content is more than in fruits. So, cannot use fruits to replace vegetables in daily meals of the family. Thus, vegetables are indispensable foods in a diet and you should use enough vegetables and fruits with an average of 400g per person per day.

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