Vitamin C and what need to know

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Vitamin C is mainly found in plants (vegetables, fruit) and less in animals. It does not accumulate in the body, are excreted via the urine as was metabolism.

The lack of vitamins will lead to dangerous diseases like bleeding, osteoporosis… however, if we add too much Vitamin C would cause unwanted effects.

Roles of Vitamin C

Roles of Vitamin C

Learn about vitamin C.

  • Joining produce collagen and some compositions that make the connective tissue in muscle, skin, bone and blood vessels.
  • Participating in the synthesis of some substances such as catecholamines and adrenocorticotropic hormone.
    Participating in the metabolism of the body such as protide, lipids and glucide.
  • Combined with vitamin A, vitamin E resist Oxidation by neutralizing antioxidant produced from the metabolic reactions, thereby protecting the integrity of cell membranes.
  • To resist stress should help increase the body’s resistance.
  • To increase absorption rate of calcium into the body.
  • To increased bone density of the spine and femur.
  • To support in iron absorption of the body, because it’s just Iron (II) easily absorbed, Iron (III)are must be converted into valence 2 then can be absorbed, but this transition requires catalysis of vitamin C should be without it will easily cause anemia due to iron deficiency. So when you need iron supplements you should drink along with vitamin C.

If the body lacks Vitamin C depending on the level and duration will cause a number of diseases such as delayed wound healing, gingivitis, bleeding tooth, body fatigue, anorexia, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis; easy to break bones in the elder and pregnant women or nursing mothers.

However, if we use too much the vitamin, we will be diseases such as gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, cystitis, diarrhea, kidney stones and gout; can cause feedback inhibition if stopped suddenly.

The best time to supplement Vitamin C in the day is after a meal and divided into several times, do not drink in the evening because it is easy to cause insomnia.

Absorption and needs of vitamin C

For adult and worker, working normally will need about 35 – 60 mg per day. If you are working in a high temperature environment will increase to 150 – 180mg. However, demand on vitamin C is very high in the elderly, pregnant women and nursing mothers, people with bacterial infections, viral infections, smoking, alcoholism, malnutrition, cancer and diabetes…

With Vitamin C drugs, absorption depends on the dosage, absorption of 100% at a dose of 30 – 60mg and decreasing with higher doses. For people with gastrointestinal disease or diabetes, the ability to absorb this vitamin is reduced.

Vitamins supplements for children and nursing mothers

For nursing mothers: should eat more fruit and vegetables to increase the amount of vitamin C in breast milk if the mother is not enough milk or breastfeeding by outside milk sources need to addition of vitamin C in fresh fruits, if the child does not bear to eat may consider using this vitamin, but when using these drugs it’s necessary to get the opinion of medical experts.

For children: Children’s body just need a very small amount of Vitamin C but without them will greatly influence the development of the body, especially the development of young children. The best way of providing vitamins is by eating vegetables and fruits such as oranges, lemons, tomatoes, and carrots… Note: The children should eat them when they are fresh and variety of vegetables.

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