Yogurt benefits and things need to know

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Yogurt is rich in calcium, vitamins, high nutritional value… There are many yogurt benefits, but if not used properly, yogurt absolutely can hurt you.

Yogurt benefits and how to eat yogurt properly.

1. Every day should eat two cups of yogurt.

Despite love yogurt, you also should not eat too much, especially after meals, as this may make you gain weight rapidly. The reason why you should not eat yogurt after meals is by itself yogurt contains a certain amount of heat, so if you eat it after a meal, it means that you load more excess energy into the body and increasing weight is unavoidable.

Yogurt benefits

Yogurt benefits

2. Yogurt does not help lose weight.

The only meaning yogurt gives those who want to lose weight is to create the feeling of a full and thus may reduce the amount of food in a meal afterwards. Whereas, the energy contained in yogurt even higher than normal milk, so if you eat too much, your weight will naturally soared. So if you’re in the diet, just choose the low-fat yogurt or yogurt with low energy. Although this type does not have fresh taste as skimmed yogurt, you will less likely to gain weight because there is no excess heat build-up.

3. Yogurt and yogurt water are not same.

Yogurt and yogurt water are provided as one but in fact these are two completely different products. Yogurt is pure cow milk through fermentation so it is of milk in nature. Yogurt water belongs to purely refresher product lines. Yogurt has a very high nutritional content. According to regulations, every 100g of yogurt has at least 2.9g protein. Meanwhile nutrient content in yogurt water is only 1/3 of that, or about 1 gram of protein per 100g.

For healthy people, the best every day just eat one or two cups of yogurt. And the best time to use it is after a meal about 30 minutes to an hour to regulate the beneficial bacteria for bowels. This is one of yogurt benefits.

4. Yogurt with prepared drinks

Experts recommend that, if you want to increase the taste of yogurt, just add fresh fruit into milk, not the prepared drinks as jelly or fruit juice because during processing added on many additives is not good for health.

5. Not everyone can eat yogurt

Yogurt is good but not means everyone can use it. Children under one year old should not use. People are diarrhea or intestinal disease people should be cautious. In addition, diabetics, atherosclerosis, cholecystitis and pancreatitis need to avoid yogurt with sugar and high fatty acid content if you do not want more severe illness. However, people who regularly drink alcohol, smoke, work on computers, or those with constipation, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, should regularly use yogurt to improve health.

6. Yogurt can reheat

Due to the beneficial bacteria in yogurt can be destroyed in high temperatures so many people use only certain frozen yogurt, but actually this is not entirely accurate. Reheating yogurt not only does not affect the nutritional value of milk but also increases the activity of the milk bacteria, increasing the health protective effect of milk. Let soak carton of yogurt in warm water about 45 degrees and touching cans feels hot that you can use.

7. Do not arbitrarily combine.

Yogurt and many other foods can be very good combination, especially eating yogurt combined with bread, vegetarian dumplings, they will add taste and nutritious in the morning. However yogurt should not be combined with oral medications such as antibiotics, because that combination would kill or cause harm to lactic acid bacteria in milk.

Eating yogurt properly and Yogurt benefits

Eating yogurt properly and Yogurt benefits

8. Do not deal with hunger with yogurt.

When you are hungry, the pH in the human stomach is always high and this is harming the beneficial bacteria in yogurt, enhancing health of yogurt effect will be significantly diminished. Therefore, the best way you should only eat yogurt after meals about 30 minutes to an hour, because gastric juice in your stomach has been diluted, the pH in the stomach is also suitable for milk bacteria multiply. Eating yogurt at night is good for health, but remembers to brush immediately after eating because some bacteria in yogurt and acidic substances can damage teeth. This is also one of effects of yogurt.

9. Yogurt is better milk.

Nowadays, scientists have proven that yogurt is better than fresh milk. Because apart from the nutritional value may bring, yogurt has the ability to help enhance physical health …

The experts on nutrition also confirmed that the protein in yogurt can help prevent stomach cancer; calcium and iron to help prevent anemia; vitamin A can prevent cancer; lactate prevent constipation and inhibit harmful bacteria; peptone and peptides can stimulate liver function. So yogurt is the perfect alternative.

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